What would you Spend a Million Dollars on?

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It’s a very cold Saturday in Sydney, and as a result, it’s led me to thinking about warmer things. Like… “What would I spend a Million Dollars on?”

Recently, we did a survey of people from across Australia. What would people spend their money on, if a $1 million fell in to their lap?

We saw some interesting results, and today I would definitely be joining South Australia in traveling somewhere warm rather than freezing!

What would you spend a Million Dollars on?

The poll rules were very simple. The participants could not use the money for a house, car or from paying off their existing debt, therefore it needed to be a new investment.

Two-thousand voters were surveyed. (300 from each state and territory)

  1. Purchasing Land seems to be the greatest interest of most of those polled from across Australia.
  2. Followed closely by Investments and Business.
  3. Travel was a winner for those looking to take a break from the norm.
  4. Boating rounded out the numbers for the poll.

Would you rather spend the money, invest the money, or save the money?

For more “Million Dollar Questions”, check out this article on “Saving a Million Dollars”.


If I had a million dollars


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