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Do you work, earn, and get to the end of the week – but then wonder where all your money has gone?Or are you cash savvy, but at a stage in your life where you’re ready to take greater control over your investments?

No matter where you’re at in your life, you can benefit from sound wealth management advice from our trusted financial advisor team.

We are proud to be a wealth management provider in Sydney. Focused on bringing you results to improve your personal financial standing

Our wealth management program provides you with:

  • A clear vision and plan of action for your future;
  • A team of specialists to assist you with financial, lifestyle, and administrative queries on a regular basis;
  • Regular reviews of your strategies and specific investments by a post-graduate qualified and experienced professional adviser;
  • People who listen to your needs and make recommendations specifically for you based on your own circumstances, needs, desires, and plans;
  • Economic and financial reviews based on the latest information at hand;
  • Smart ways in reducing tax, whilst maximising your wealth;
  • Total transparency in all of our actions and communications with you; And
  • Control and a constant point of understanding regarding where you are today, and where you’re going in the years ahead.

As your financial advisor Sydney wide, we can offer you the very best in tailored advice that is not generic; rather it is made specifically for YOU and your financial circumstances.

We take plenty of time getting to know and understanding your financial position, and we want to know what your vision for the future is.

Without knowing this information, we don’t know where you want to be, so we can’t make a sound financial plan for you to get there. We follow a process to get the best for every client we see.

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Wealth Management Advice

Our wealth management service is designed with you at the centre of everything.

By getting to know your current financial position and vision for the future, our experienced wealth management advisors in Sydney will put together a highly tailored wealth management program that helps put you on track to achieve your long-term financial goals.

We’ll provide you with valuable wealth advice to help you make smarter decisions, either for yourself or for your loved ones.


Our Process:

Our team will work with you to meet your financial goals and to build your wealth. We want to protect what you already have and help you to make your financial future brighter.

We employ a range of investment strategies and wealth management tactics – all the while taking into consideration your risk profile and your ability to invest or make financial decisions.

Our wealth management program provides you with:

  • Initial meeting and understanding, often over 2-3 meetings to ensure total clarity of your goals
  • Implementation of strategies and plans
  • Ongoing formal and informal meetings, dependent on circumstances. This is anywhere from 1 to 4 meetings per year, based on your own needs
  • Project management at every step of the way
  • Written advice documenting needs, plans, strategies and how they meet your goals
  • Investment and financial goal reviews
  • A partnership with a professional advisor working for and with you always


The Steps to Success

As this service is tailored and specific to your situation, each wealth management program is different. However, generally we work with clients via the following stages:


Discovery Session

We’ll sit with you to find out where you are today, and look at where you want to be in the future. Plus, we’ll look at how long you want to take to get there.

Fact Find

We’ll do a deeper dive, and work out how to get you ahead.


We’ll do more research and develop a plan. We’ll write out a plan and present this to you.


The exciting part! Here’s where we put our advice into action. We project manage the whole process to ensure that we’re on track. We complete most of the heavy lifting here, and will only need you to get involved when necessary (to save you time).

Confirming Action

We’ll ensure that you understand the actions we’ve taken – either with a phone call, an email or in person.


We’re in this together and will work with you to ensure your strategy is continuing to perform.

About Mirador Wealth

At Mirador Wealth, we are privately owned, and are not partnered with any bank or financial institution. So, we can proudly say that we’re one of the few true non-bank financial advisors in Sydney.

What does this mean?

It means we work for you, not for performance indicators or for someone else. We have your best interests at the forefront of all that we do.


Your Financial Success is our success

We want you to achieve excellent financial results. When you achieve your goals, you’re more likely to be delighted with our service, and recommend us to your friends! That’s good for you and good for us. Our service is geared to bring you financial success, and we do this in line with your goals and comfort level with risk.

We take the time and care necessary to deliver a product that will get you closer to your goals. We put you first and always will.

For wealth management advice in Sydney, call our team on (02) 8014 5889 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.

We look forward to working with you on the journey to achieving your financial goals.

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