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 At Mirador Wealth, we want to help you get ahead financially. We are a team of exceptional Financial Planners and Wealth Creation Advisors who can offer you the guidance and advice you need to improve your financial future.

Often, saving and investing can seem like an uphill battle as you work through a seemingly endless array of investment options and choices. Then there’s the ongoing balancing act of saving for a deposit on a property while managing your week-to-week budget.

At Mirador Wealth, we understand that life can be filled with ups and downs, and we want to help you to manage your finances so that you are well-placed to weather any storm.

We will work with you to understand your goals, and then will offer you the right kind of wealth creation advice that’s geared towards achieving them. By taking the time to understand your wealth creation goals, we can help you to achieve them faster.

Contact our leading Financial Advisor Sydney wide today for a free consultation!

Wealth Creation Advice

The best time to start creating wealth is today. By making smart financial decisions now, the benefits of compounding returns will assist in setting up a clearer future for the years ahead.

Our team of financial advisors, wealth creation strategists and coaches work together to bring you results. Every day we see how good financial planning can lead to security, clarity, and empowering lives for the better. Our investment strategies and cash flow management advice will put you in the position to achieve an exceptional result in the future.

Located in the heart of Sydney, we offer every client a free no-obligation consultation which can help you to:

  • Analyse your financial situation
  • Map out your goals
  • Establish what you need to do to get to where you want to be
  • Answer any general questions you may have

If you would like to book a free consultation, please get in touch via phone on (02) 8014 5889 or speak to us via our contact form online.


What We Offer: Investment and Wealth Creation Strategies

Our wealth creation advice is for people looking to improve their day-to-day lives by focusing on investment strategies that will lead to a life of financial choice. Our programs focus on advice and education to ensure that you understand and feel empowered about making smart money decisions.

We can help you to make clearer financial goals and decisions in:



Investing in property may be seen as a ‘less risky’ way to grow your money, but it’s not risk-proof. Make sure you take the right steps and get advice on how to structure your loans, how to manage your cash buffer, how to mitigate risk, information on loan-to-value ratios, and asset selection.

We can also work with you to structure your investment portfolio to diversify your risk and ensure that you are protected correctly.

Cash Flow

Often the thing that is holding a lot of people back is their cash flow. Whether you don’t have enough savings, or you find it hard to access cash when you need it due to assets – we can help.


Structuring your investments is a key part of ensuring your financial success in the future. Speak to our team of wealth creation advice experts to get the best from your investments.

Debt Efficiency

Ensuring that your debt is working for you is a key part of ensuring that your financial situation is primed for improvement. Our wealth creation strategies and investment strategies can help you with this.

Our Wealth Creation Advice Program is Suited to People Who:

  • Have clear goals on what they want to achieve, or would like to set goals for the future
  • Earn income, but don’t feel that they have anything left at the end of the month
  • Don’t yet have assets, but would like to buy a first or next property, car, or start a family
  • Are looking to be empowered and to take control of building financial choice
  • Are looking for advice from experts in the same way you would with a personal trainer for your fitness
  • Want better money management
  • Are looking to get ahead of the rat race

Our wealth creation program is founded on partnership. You tell us what goals you have or what you wish to achieve, and we assess where you are today, what the gap is to those goals, and provide a blueprint to achieve your goals.


We Will Work With You To:

  1. Get a clear picture of where you are today
  2. Understand your goals for the future
  3. Look at a financial plan to reduce the gaps between today and the future

Once your personalised plan has been created, we will implement your plan and then refine, perfect and adjust to ensure that your goals remain on track. We are working with you to create a partnership and want to be with you every step of the way to ensure that you’re getting the results you want.

Look at some of the testimonials we have collected from helping other clients to achieve their goals as their Sydney financial advisor.


About Mirador Wealth

We’re a private financial planning and advisory business located in Sydney. As such, we aren’t aligned with or partnered with any kind of bank or financial institution. This means that every choice we make has your best interests at heart – instead of working to achieve sales targets for a bank or product manufacturer.

We have helped our clients to:

We are passionate about helping you get what you want out of life and want to provide you with a life of financial choice.

To find out more, contact us today on (02) 8014 5889 or fill out the enquiry form below for the best financial advisor Sydney wide.

(02) 8014 5889

or use our convenient online form to book a no-obligation appointment that fits your schedule!

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