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What you earn and what is left at the end of each month is the basis of starting wealth. Yet, very few people know where their money goes, and even less have set goals of saving or investing a certain proportion each paycheque. We’re taught at a young age that to avoid financial stress, budgeting is key, but only rarely do you hear of people putting those ideas into action.

A Sydney based cash flow advisor can help you manage and improve your cashflow to help you grow your wealth.

At Mirador Wealth, we provide a deeper analysis for you of where your money comes from and where it goes each month. Our cash flow management strategies are designed to help you improve your cash flow so that you can flourish financially!

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How We Can Help You to Improve Your Cash Flow

  • We monitor your cash flow to gauge weekly inflows, outflows and saved amounts. We note what is spent on necessities and leisure items, as well as the money saved.
  • We give you full access to your own mobile or tablet app, designed to be simple to use and easy to understand
  • After analysing the information, we provide you with a report or ‘snapshot’ of your financial standing. Part of this is a depiction of your weekly cash flow simply expressed as a positive or a negative number
  • To highlight your spending habits, we show you exactly how you are tracking against your peers. We work with you to identify unnecessary expenditure and additional saving opportunities
  • We provide you with enlightening and motivational quarterly statements that not only show where you are, but also how your status compares with your previous standing and where you need to be to meet your goals
  • We allow spending, and we fully encourage trips and goals! This isn’t about dictating terms; it’s about providing you with an opportunity to get ahead financially.

Utilising all the information we gather, we help you construct a cash flow management spending plan tailored to you, giving you the comfort of always knowing what you can spend each week or month while staying in line with your objectives. Through our strategies, all our dedicated clients find themselves spending far less than the national average while still enjoying life to the full.

The Importance of Cash Flow Management

Managing your cash flow is an important aspect of your financial planning.

You might have plans to save, to invest in stocks or shares, or to buy a house. You might have a financial goal of travelling, or you might want to plan for retirement. Whatever your reason for considering cash flow management, we can reassure you that you’ve taken an important first step. Our Sydney-based cash flow advisors can help you take the right steps to help you prosper financially and achieve your financial goals!

Our cash flow management Sydney team are well equipped to offer cashflow advice geared to improve cash flow. We believe in providing workable strategies to improve cash flow. We would love the opportunity to help you get your finances on track.

Why You Need to Think About Your Cash Flow

There’s a lot of information out there about how to invest, what to invest in, who to invest with and why to invest. While we know the importance of investing in ventures that will ultimately earn you more money, we don’t want you to be investing at the expense of ignoring your cash flow.

The flow component of cash flow refers to the in and out of money; the people who earn money, pay bills and save a little for a rainy day aren’t actively engaged in cash flow management – they are merely surviving.

Real cash flow management comes from knowing where money comes from, where it goes and how to get more of it.

We can help you to understand cash flow in a matter-of-fact way to ensure that you get the best possible results.

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Components of Cash Flow

Cash flow is made up of understanding a range of factors, including:

  • Income
  • Fixed expenses
  • Discretionary expenses
  • Tax
  • Savings

Our cashflow advisor team can help you to understand these in more detail – but here is a snapshot of what each of these terms means. When you meet with us, we will work out a plan for you based on your whole financial picture and will take all of these factors into account:



Income is made up of your salary, your bonuses or any other form of income. This can include investment income. In some situations, you can control your income by working extra hours, having a second job, taking on additional clients or choosing investments that offer a higher level of income. In many cases, the control you have over income is limited.

Fixed Expenses

Fixed Expenses include things over which you have limited monthly control. Your rent, mortgage and bills are all fixed expenses. You can control these somewhat by making changes: using less air conditioning in summer is one way to control these costs, or there are more drastic steps you can take like moving into a share house, or moving into a smaller home/one further away from the city. These expenses are usually pretty locked in.

Discretionary Expenses

Discretionary Expenses are the expenses you make by choice. Choosing an expensive premium brand over the home brand item is a discretionary expense. Opting to go out for breakfast over cooking at home is a discretionary expense, as is choosing to do your shopping at Aldi versus shopping at the boutique wholefoods seller. This is one category in which you can severely impact on your cash flow.


Taxes are a component of cashflow, especially if you are a business owner or are self-employed. You can save in this category with deductions – but depending on the complexity of your finances, you usually always need to work with an accountant to ensure that this is done effectively and correctly.


Savings make up the last piece of the puzzle. If you are saving regularly and systematically – that’s great! If you are saving only when there’s something left over, then you need help with cash flow. Make saving a priority in your life, and you will see that greater wealth and security comes along with it.

Don’t be Afraid of a Budget!

A budget often feels like an imposing restriction on all non-vital spending. Our cash flow plans are not designed to eliminate leisure spending and to stop you having fun – rather, we identify the truly unnecessary ‘leaks’ in your budget and teach the best saving techniques so you can do even more of what you enjoy while building wealth. To secure the best cash flow management advice in Sydney, call us at (02) 8014 5889 or use our convenient online form to book a free consultation.

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