Saving for a Rainy Day on a Part-time Income

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Approximately 30% of Australia’s labour force is working on a casual/part-time basis and this could spell a serious economic shift.  As former deputy prime minister Brian Howe outlined in a speech to the National Press Club in 2012, “Increasing numbers of workers are engaged in work that is unpredictable, uncertain and that undermines what ordinary Australians need to feel secure in their lives and communities.”  Technological change and a shift to a service-based economy show that the labour-force is being molded by demand-side pressures, or in other words, not because we necessarily want it to.  How should Australians cope with the realities of varying paycheque so that they can enjoy peace of mind now while planning for the future they want?

  • Make sure that your income is greater than expenses…
  • Have the right kind of asset protection…
  • Work with us to minimise tax…

At Mirador, we have a step-by-step strategy that will help you manage the fluctuations in your cash flow. Come see us today and we’ll plan out how to get started.


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