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At Mirador Wealth, our advisers are just like you. We want to enjoy life in the present while building a stable future. Whatever the stage of life you’re experiencing right now, we can help you.
Visit us today and see where a financial plan uniquely tailored to your goals can take you.

Young Professional, Mirador Wealth Management

Young Professional

When you’re a young professional, whether just out of school or with a few years in the working world, your immediate needs are front of mind.

We’re here to help you manage the lifestyle that you’ve worked so hard for, and help you pay down your debt, whilst advising where to put a few hard-earned dollars to grow for a more profitable future.

Business Owner, Mirador Wealth Management

Business Owner

Perhaps you dream of entrepreneurship and the unique challenges and rewards that it presents.

We’re pleased to be part of your professional network! As your partner, we’ll help ensure your today – and tomorrow – are carefully planned for.

New Family, Mirador Wealth Management

New Family

As a new family, your household income dips while your expenses rise.

We can advise you so that you can enjoy this hectic but wonderful time in your life. Let us be your partner to ensure that your needs – and those of your growing family – will be met now and in the future.

Kids Growing Up, Mirador Wealth Management

Kids Growing Up

When you’ve seen those kids safely to maturity, your financial picture changes once again.

Your earning power is at its peak and so are the expenses of having young adults either under your roof or away at school! We can show you how to make the most of your income now to pay off your home loan and do your best by your kids, whilst strategically investing some of your extra capital for your future.

Getting Ready to Retire, Mirador Wealth Management, best financial advisors,financial adviser sydney

Getting Ready To Retire

Getting ready to retire? Transitioning to retirement is a timeline that is unique to each person.

Within 5 to 10 years of this goal, or even earlier, this time represents the final 100 pay cheques or so you may earn.

We’ll streamline your personal financial plan and strategize how to make the most of your last few working years prior to retirement.

Your working income may stop, but with a solid financial plan, the fun is just beginning.

Getting Ready to Retire – FAQ’s

Many people don’t even know where to begin with Financial Planning if they haven’t saved their entire lives. The questions can be seemingly endless.

Mirador Wealth Management has you covered with several services designed to expedite the process.

  1. Wealth Creation Advice
  2. Financial Planners – Financial Advisors
  3. Insurance Advice
  4. Cash Flow Management
  5. Wealth Management


Common Web Searches for Those Ready to Retire

  1. Financial Advisor Sydney
  2. Financial Planner Sydney
Enjoying Retirement, Mirador Wealth Management, best financial advisors,financial adviser sydney

Enjoying Retirement

In retirement, we’re still with you as a trusted partner and financial steward. Enjoying Retirement is among the top of every list of goals and aspirations.

Enjoying Retirement with the Family and for the Family

Our wealth management strategies ensure that you continue to enjoy the lifestyle you worked for with a few ‘extras’ along the way. When planned correctly, your retirement can be full of additional extras, fun and excitement!

Travel to that far away special place. Take that first cruise or flight to a new destination. Help the grandkids with a few dollars for school. Helping the kids… empowering you children and how to give them a leg up.

The sky is the limit if you have planned properly!

As we get to enjoy life on Earth, we still need to plan for the future and what we leave behind.


Estate Planning

It’s during this time that many people start to do some estate planning.

Consulting with Mirador Wealth Management to plan your estate may seem a little grim, but it brings a wonderful peace of mind to know that everything you’ve worked for in your life is going to the people you love.

In our experience, people benefit from knowing what sort of care they can afford during their last days and that their family isn’t surprised by last minute expenses on their behalf.


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